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Family law

Marriage and children have a significant role in Albanian law, with the current legislation recognizing marriage as a legal union based on the equality of spouses, mutual love, respect, and understanding as the foundation of family unity. The state grants special protection to marriage and family, and when it comes to decisions regarding children, the best interests of the child are of primary consideration for parents, relevant authorities, and courts. Parents, regardless of marital status, have the duty and right to care for their children’s well-being, development, upbringing, and education. The state and society have an obligation to support families in keeping their children safe, preventing abuse and abandonment, and ensuring family stability.


Our legal services related to marriage encompass providing advice on the appropriate legal procedures for recognizing marriages celebrated outside Albania. We can also offer guidance on the legal implications of marriage, marriage contracts, children born within a marriage, and the benefits of Albanian citizenship for children born outside the Republic of Albania’s territory, among other relevant matters.


Our objective is to provide comprehensive legal advice tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you are informed about your legal rights and choices concerning marriage and children.


Please remember that every case may have unique elements, so for accurate and detailed legal guidance, it is recommended to consult with us directly to address your specific circumstances.