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  • A lease agreement can be defined as a legally binding contract wherein one party, known as the lessor, agrees to temporarily grant the other party, known as the lessee, the right to use and enjoy a specific item or property in exchange for a predetermined payment or reward.

    To ensure the lease agreement’s validity and enforceability, there are specific deadlines and conditions that must be met during the agreement’s negotiation and execution. Violation of the rights and obligations stated in the Albanian Civil Code, which applies to lease agreements, may lead to various legal consequences and sanctions.

    In the case of a sublease contract, the civil code establishes that the lessee generally has the right to sublease the leased item, provided that the lessor’s consent is obtained. However, the transfer of the lease to a third party without the explicit consent of the lessor is generally prohibited, unless otherwise agreed upon. Subletting movable items typically requires the lessor’s consent as well.